delantalesCookig Olé give monographics cooking clases, so that in a few hours you will learn how to cook a Spanish menú in a practical and enjoyable way…and have fun! Our methodology is the same in every class. Quality Spanish products and ingredients, and 100% traditional teaching

This is the outline of any workshop in Cooking Olé: 1º Welcome. We hand over the aprons, individual recipe dossier and we give a short introduction. 2º Let´s cook! We will split into/ spread out into groups/pairs and will have all the cooking utensils necesary to cook dishes under the teacher`s supervision. We wont just learn the recipe. You´ll learn also tricks, changes of recipe, secrets, stories… and all you want to contribute! 3º At the end of the workshop, the favourite moment for many of us. 😉 We will take a seat to enjoy all dishes we prepared tasting the menu with a glass of Spanish wine or beer. All together in good company!!


  • Lunch and dinner sessions. From 2 to 3 and a half hours, depending on the kind of course.
  • Limited number of people (4 min and 20 max)
  • All courses can be given in Sapanish or English.
  • Programme may change according to the seasons. Have a look at our Calendar for further information.

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